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           DIY on farm under 7 days & see changes in 100 days
 Researchers have shown high fungal teas may regenerate soils and fix carbon in a short time. DIY Instant Compost Tea will quickly regenerate soils and give economic, soil and crop benefits within 100 days. See below for detailed methodology and results.
    Just think! If all Australian farmers were using DIY Instant Compost Tea, they could, each year, sequester more carbon than the world emits!! 

We acknowledge further research and development by many others will improve knowledge, techniques and outcomes of the DIY Instant Compost Tea system. 

Sites required for simple strip trial with an alternate  phosphate fertilizer at greatly reduced cost.
 We want to assess the availability of phosphate by using DIY Instant Compost Tea to improve soil biology.

Enquiries to Trevor :

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