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  • Promoting the understanding of health and environmental benefits of organic gardening and food production - from soil to plate. ​

  • Encouraging members to grow herbs, vegetables and fruit based on organic principals and to share information and experience.

  • Providing opportunities for fellowship and enjoyment in the growing, preparing, preserving and sharing of organically grown and home-prepared food.

  • Helping to preserve traditional, heirloom, non-patented and locally adapted seeds and other planting materials of different varieties and strains.

  • Encouraging participation by members in supportive and fun social activities related to the above objectives.


  • BOGI is based on the supportive friendship of its members, and on sharing ideas, suggestions and jobs.

  • BOGI promotes growing food in accordance with organic principles without endorsing any particular philosophy, product or practice.

  • By Organic Principles we mean: food that is grown in soils that are rich in the required minerals, rich in micro-biology and free of harmful substances. 

  • BOGI seeks and is open to a wide range of opinions, expressed in a civil and tolerant manner, so that members can make up their own minds.

  • Opinions of speakers, authors and others expressed at BOGI activities are their own. 



  • Annual membership: $15 per year for singles, $25.00 for families, proportional for new members.  

  • Monthly meeting fee $3.00 for members. $5.00 for visitors.

  • Most other activities free - if not, cost will be advised.


  • Incorporated on 7 January 2008 under the Queensland Associations Incorporation Act 1981 - BOGI is managed under that Act and it Regulations.

  • Insured as an affiliate of The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc. – The GCA has more than 700 affiliates with over 45,000 members. - A copy of the insurance policy is available on request. Current liability insurance is for $20,000,000.

  • Managed by a committee of eight members, supported by coordinators for specific tasks. All are volunteers.


Office Bearers

President  - Marlene Kent-Fuller 0402 216 188

Vice President - Maureen Schmitt 0427 517759

Treasurer - Kay De Gunst 0477014096

Secretary - Karyn Ennor 0447 360 882


Committee Members

Chris Jeffrey 0408 027 545

Pam Biden 4159 4223

Lenzie Duffy 0428 457 527

Deltry Dickie 0414 992 553


Membership - Kay De Gunst

Field Trips- 

Catering - Pam Bidden, 

Newsletter-  Deltry Dickie                                       

Newsletter meeting notes - Deltry dickie

Welcoming Person- Rose Apap

Lucky Draw - Kay de Gunst

Lending Library- Joy Millett

Seed Saving and Swap- vacant

Herbal Teas- Tony Wolf

BOGI Shop- Bruce McKay


Co-Webmasters: Trevor Galletly


For further information please contact the secretary ph 0447 360 882

or send an email:

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