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These are our main activities with a varied and interactive program. It can inlude a guest speaker and always a forum for questions and suggestions. There are tables with different activities to do before and after the sit-down session and it concludes with a shared supper.

For details see:


If Tuesday nights don't suit you, there are many other activities in which to participate.

So please don't let that stop you from joining us.

We aim to reach out to the whole of the Bundaberg Region and like to hear from you how we can do that.


We also organise other activities, usually at weekends at times that best suit most of the participants,. Most are free, but there may be a cost for materials used or entry fees.

Prior registration is required for most activities.

Many are held in members' homes and gardens. Participant numbers may be limited due to space or other factors. Phone numbers are needed in case of cancellation due to weather or other reasons.

So please sign in at the monthly meeting or ring the contact phone-number for that activity beforehand to ensure a place and get the address.

N.B. Activities are only organised for and by members when there is enough interest.


The best way way to learn from other gardeners is by visiting their gardens. These visits are about seeing, listening and asking questions and of course sharing afternoon tea.

Prior registration is required. For details about the next ones click


These are day trips to more remote locations or activities, mostly during weekends. They involve substantial planning, often carpooling and sometimes hiring a bus. Understandably prior registration and payment of cost are required. 


These are gatherings at a member's home with a focus on a topic of interest, related to BOGI's aims. They are informal, often hands-on and great opportunities for making friends with similar interests. 

Our workshop support member tries to arrange the larger workshops ahead of time.

However, all members are encouraged to arrange workshops about more specific topics. These can be called at short notice - but even then all members are notified about it via email. If you have an interest in a particular issue, please contact a Workshop Support member to guide you. It does not require much work once you know what to do.

The number of participants does not matter, all workshops are useful and fun.

Prior registration is required. For details about the next ones, click below.



To find out the topics of interest to members we organise bi-annual surveys . The results guide the committee and activity coordinators in their planning. 

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