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We hope to develop this page into a source of references for websites, videos and other media relevant to growing, preserving and eating organic produce in the Bundaberg Region. It will take time!

We'd welcome suggestions for additional links. Please let us know by email. 

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To other organic and related groups

Brisbane Organic Growers Inc:

Sydney Organic Gardeners:

Queensland Beekeepers' Association:

About where to buy organic produce

Few if any of us grow enough to meet our fullness. So here are some people you can by organic produce from:

      Sue McLellan:      ORGANIC AND VEGIES        Phone - Fax: 4159 4422          Mob: 0415 302 255


About experiencing healthy living - THE HAVEN!


Where in the Wide Bay region can you find examples of at least five different ways of growing fruits, vegetables, herbs & perennials suitable for our particular subtropical region? Learn how to work with nature for easier food growing and conclude the walk with a very tasty and extremely healthy lunch? In Pam and Peter Burgess’s amazing 5-acre garden “The Haven” in Bucca, that’s where!

Being their guests in their Haven was a great day out and I for one will be going back for more and bringing friends to share in the experience. Alexandra.

About home-made compostable seedling pots

Using newspaper:


The pots in the photo are made by students as part of their  lessons.

They became quite  enthusiastic about growing their own food.

Using toilet rolls:

P.S. The Queensland Education Department does not allow the use

of these roll at its schools. Elsewhere they are used widely.

About worms

This short (02.27) time laps video shows worms at work. Quite amazing.

About wicking beds and boxes

Wicking beds and boxes allow you to grow in 'impossible' places: on balconies, on concrete, near trees, when renting where digging up gardens is not allowed. They save water as none is wasted in wicking system. They have many other advantages, especially when bending and kneeling becomes difficult. Beds are elevated while boxes can be placed on tables. So they also don't suffer during heavy rains as they are above local flood levels and excess water drains out through the inbuilt drain pipes.


The ideas were developed in the Bundaberg Region in 2005, put on a free-to-copy website and the concept went worldwide. Warning: many sites, including the ABC Garden Show, advice to put stones at the bottom covered by a cloth. THIS IS WRONG, especially for organic growing. The reasons why this is wrong are given on the above site. The site is old but the technical details are still correct.

No Till Gardening: Cultivating a Thriving Garden with Minimal Disturbance
This website may not be organic but you can make it organic. The ideas expressed here are good common sense and reduce the effect gardening or farming have on the soil biology. Check it out and maybe adjust your gardening techniques. 
Introduce cowpea, soybean, lupins, or mung beans  - annuals- or even pigeon pea, humming bird tree and moringa - small trees but prune them to suit your needs in the garden!!

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